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Welcome to Fitt 4 life,

Take a search on my website of the services that will benefit you on your specific fitness needs, I started this website in aid of helping all those people that have long been waiting to achieve there personal goals, well you have reached the right place for a new start.

Hi my name is Michael Whitehead and I will be showing you how to achieve your fitness and health goals through simple and effective training and mentoring where you will be wanting more not wanting to give up.

I specialise in:

  • Treating you like a person and not a dollar figure
  • Giving you not only a workout but a confidence session as well
  • Offering you new services to the market of fitness and health
  • A competitive pricing package tailored to suit you the client

I also would like to introduce to you my two new products that will not only have you achieving your goals in record time but wanting more.

  1. Fitt 4 life CAMP - Similar to the well known bootcamp, This 4 week program will not only challenge you physically but mentally and emotionally as well, take a search on the left toolbar to find out more.
  2. Tour De Cairns - Derived from the famous Tour De France - In this running spectacular event records will be broken and challenges a must as this will cater for all walks of life, for more information and the next date this will begin take a search on the toolbar.

Well good luck with your fitness and health needs and dont forget.

'Life begins now'

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